Multimedia Resource Center

Training and Development provides a resource center including a computer station devoted for use by staff for resume writing, completing job applications, accessing the internet and for practice using software programs. Computer use is by appointment, or on a walk-in basis, if available. Please call 734-2676 to reserve a time.

Training and Development maintains a resource center comprised of books, audiotapes and videotapes on a variety of subjects, including management and supervisory topics, customer service, career development, resume writing and interviewing as well as other personal and professional development issues. Books and audiotapes may be checked out for a period of up to two weeks. Reference materials, such as college catalogs and the medical terminology dictionary may be used in the office only. Videos may be checked out for a 24-hour period, or over a weekend. Contact the Training and Development office at (916) 734-2676 or drop by Room 2600, Ticon III, for a list of available resource material.