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Human Resources

Human Resources

Enrolling in Classes

Enrollment in classes offered by UC Davis Health System Training and Development is done online through the UC Learning Center (UCLC), a web-based course management system utilized by all ten campuses within the UC System. Course offering are tailored to your specific campus location.
UCLC allows you to:

  • Register for classes
  • Track your completed courses
  • Print transcripts
  • Explore class offerings
  • Complete online courses

Health system employees may enroll in courses offered at both our Sacramento and Davis campus locations. There are also extensive e-learning options that are continuously available to meet your training needs whenever the need arises.

How to Enroll

To access UCLC, you’ll first need a Kerberos login which is provided by Information & Educational Technology. Submit a request at

Once you receive your Kerberos login and passphrase, log in to UCLC at: UC Learning Center.

Once in UCLC you can access user friendly tutorials at the “New around here?” help button.