UC Davis Health System Training and Development offers a variety of classes to improve and enhance your effectiveness at work as well as classes that support your career and personal development.  UC Davis Health System has made a strong commitment to and investment in continuous learning by offering these classes at no cost to UC Davis Health System employees. In addition the instructor-led courses listed below, UC Davis Health System employees are also eligible to enroll in courses offered at the Davis campus as well as online courses through the UC Learning Center.

How To Enroll

Most courses are available for enrollment through our UC Learning Center, including Davis campus courses. To access the UC Learning Center, you will need a Kerberos password:  https://computingaccounts.ucdavis.edu/cgi-bin/services/index.cgi

Once you have obtained a Kerberos password, login to the UC Learning Center to find useful, easy to follow tutorials to get you started.

Class Series Certificates

In addition to individual course offerings, you may opt to enroll in a Class Series Certificate. A Class Series Certificate includes multiple courses that develop and strengthen competencies in a particular subject matter area. A Class Series Certificate will include core required courses as well as elective options. Upon completing the Certificate Series requirements, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Communication Class Series Certificate - Minimum of 7 Courses


Required Courses
Effective Communication: Skills & Techniques #01682 
Communication Across Cultures DACU-comm_26_a02_bs_enus(eCourse)
Working with Emotional Intelligence #04131
Complete Any Two of the Following:
Public Speaking for the Timid & Shy #02391 
*Communication in Healthcare: The Power of Words #05007
Delivering the Message DAC-SSOMO32(eCourse) 
Communication with Angry Patients through De-escalation  #07353(eCourse) 
Communication with Depressed Patients  #07354 (eCourse) 
Communication with Anxious Patients  #07352 (eCourse) 
*Learning to Listen  #03623 
Complete Any Two of the Following:
Effective Business Writing #06844 
Effective Telephone Techniques #04534
The Art of Conflict Communications #07604
Communication Business Etiquette #DAC-SSCOM062 (eCourse)
SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation)Communication #07257 (eCourse)
Communication for Results DAC-SSCOM014 (eCourse)
Writing Under Pressure: Preparing for Success DACU-pd_28_a01_bs_enus (eCourse)

Customer Service Class Series Certificate - Minimum of 6 courses

Required Courses
Customer Service #02982
Internal Customer Service DACU-CUST_09_a04_bs_enus (eCourse) 
Being an Effective Team Member  DAC-SSTEA002 (eCourse) 
Identifying and Managing Customer Expectations  DACU_CUST_10_A01_bs_enus (eCourse) 
Complete Any Two of the Following:
Effective Telephone Techniques #04534 
Customer Care  #05895 
Managing Challenges in Customer Service  DACU-CUST0153 (eCourse) 
Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict  DACU-CUST_09_a05_bs_enus (eCourse) 
Winning Attitude: Framework for Success  #05953 
Creating a More Inclusive Workplace #06690 

Developing as a Supervisor at UC Davis Health System Certificate Program

Intended for all supervisors, and a requirement for all  those new to a supervisory or managerial role here at the Health System as of July 2014 and going forward, the Developing as a Supervisor at UC Davis Health System Certificate Program integrates the essential aspects of leadership at UC Davis Health System.  New supervisors and managers will have 18-months to complete this certificate series:

Required Courses

Coaching for Performance and Development                #08387
Communicating Goals and Expectations                       #08381
Employee Performance Management                            #08385

Session 1: Performance Management at UC Davis Health System
Session 2: Conducting Employee Performance Appraisals 

Employee Recruitment Selection                                   #08987*
Employment Law and Liability                                      #08382
Living the Principles of Community                              #06669
Navigating Personnel Policies                                       #08384
Principles of Leadership                                               #08383
Principles of Supervision                                              #08389
Safety Leadership for Supervisors                  DACS-UCLOL0013                                                                       -SAFSVC-DACS
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors             #05203
Supervising in a Union Environment                             #08388

Unconscious Bias                                                         #08595
(*Or employees may substitute Employee Selection & Interviewing Techniques #00052 and Unconscious Bias #08595 in place of this course)

Preparing for Supervision Certificate Program

Interested in becoming a supervisor at UC Davis Health System? An important first step is to complete the Preparing for Supervision Certificate Program.  In addition, you will utilize an individual development plan (IDP) as you work on your transition from an individual contributor role to one of supervisor.


Required Courses
Preparing for Supervision #08300
Session 1: Introduction to Supervision  
Session 2:  Next Steps to Supervision  
UC Coaching for Performance and Development DAC-HRUCPM07
Giving Feedback eCourse DACU-comm_29_a01_bs_enus-PFS
Living the Principles of Community eCourse Code 06669
Delegation Essentials:  An Introduction to Delegating DAC-mgmt_27_a01_bs_enus
UC Performance Management Overview DAC-HRUCPM01
Workplace Conflict: Strategies for Resolving Conflict eCourse DACU-comm_22_a02_bs_enus-PFS
Workplace Violence Prevention eCourse DAC-HRASAPWPV-PFS

*Course not currently offered.  Past attendance will apply toward certificate completion.


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U-Learn is a catalog of on-line learning, available to all UC Davis staff. Use the links on this page to explore topics and read course descriptions. Once you have found a course that you wish to take, log into the UC Learning Center (http://lms.ucdavis.edu) using your Kerberos account, then search for the course by title using UC Learning Center's Search feature.

Click the link below for the following topics.

Topic Areas:

  • Administrative Support
  • Communication
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Desktop Computer Skills
  • Information Technology (Programming and System Administration)
  • Environmental Health & Safety and Emergency Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building

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