Evaluators: Jill Evans-Grinbergs    
Scheduling contact: Sonia Rodriguez    


The information in this Web site is intended to provide the viewer with the basic tools/resources to set up their workstation or their employee's workstation. If, after completing a train-the-trainer packet an on-site evaluation is needed, the following is the procedure to request one. Please note: A Train-the-Trainer packet can be obtained from this web site or by contacting the workers' compensation unit.

A request for an ergonomics evaluation can be made by a medical provider or , by a supervisor / manager as a prevention measure for an individual or their entire department, or by an employee for their individual work area. The analysts will conduct ergonomic evaluation for all requests from medical providers.

The Workers' Compensation Unit does not assess a charge for the review. Please note: The department is required to pay for any equipment or changes that may be recommended. The department is also responsible for ordering the equipment and coordinating the recommended changes.


Step 1: After completing the Train the Trainer packet, if an on-site evaluation is still needed by our office, please contact the Workers' Compensation Unit at 916-734-6180.
Step 2: The supervisor/manager is informed of the appointment and their role in the process is explained.
Step 3: Once the evaluation is completed, the Analyst writes a report of the findings/assessment and recommendations.
Step 4: The analyst faxes the report to the department. If any changes need to be completed by Facilities, Design and Construction (FD and C), we will also send a Fast Track form. This form is intended to assist FD and C with expediting ergonomic related requests.