Undergraduate Student Process

Effective February 1, 2010, all actions related to undergraduate student appointments have been transferred from School of Medicine Academic Affairs to Human Resources Recruitment and Records. Unlike faculty and other academic positions, undergraduate student employees do not perform any academic functions (teaching, research, etc.) and are governed by staff policies, so this is an appropriate realignment of processes. 

In recent months, Academic Personnel has worked with Human Resources to create a streamlined process utilizing eRecruit to handle new appointments for undergraduates.  This process will use the same eRecruit system that departments are familiar with, but at the same time allow for a more streamlined process (for example, no requirement to set up an interview panel).

The advantages of this new process are that it:

  • Renders the process virtually paperless
  • Relieves the department from having to complete and submit a Background Check or to set up the New Employee Health Clearance.
  • Allows your selected candidate to download the new employee paperwork through the eRecruit system
  • Allows for less input in the eHR system since data from eRecruit is transferred directly into various appointment screens
  • Models the same process used for all staff hires (including physicians)
  • Utilizes a consolidated update form for changes to current employees

For changes in existing appointments, please forward the new, streamlined input document to your department’s Records Analyst for processing.

The E-Recruit Undergraduate Hire Process can be used as an administrative guide for new appointments in undergraduate student titles.  We are confident that you will find this new process saves you valuable time in preparing the final hire documents, and will ensure that employees receive the most up-to-date materials and orientation.

Feel free to contact your department’s Recruitment Representative or your HR Records Analyst for questions.

Student Update Input Documentation 

Human Resources Recruitment and Records Contacts