Leave Code and Associated Accruals

UC Davis Health has two types of Leave Benefit Programs: Paid Time Off (PTO) Benefit Program and Vacation and Sick Leave Benefit Program. Currently only non-represented and Patient Care Techinical (EX) employees of UC Davis Health are eligible for the PTO Benefit Program.  Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are eligible for the Vacation and Sick Leave Benefit Program.

Once the appropriate Leave Benefit Program is identified, the employee’s salary program (title code and salary grade) plus total years of University and/or State of California service determine the “leave code” by which his or her leave benefit accruals are calculated. 

There are two pay cycles in which leave benefits accrue depending on the employee’s pay schedule: monthly or quadriweekly (i.e., two biweekly pay cycles). 

By clicking on the appropriate heading below, you can ascertain your leave code, accrual rate, and the corresponding hours and days accrued annually.  For a printable comparison of the two programs, click on UC Davis Health Leave Codes & Associated Accruals.

Paid Time off (PTO) Benefit Program

All Hospital Non-Represented Staff and Patient Care Technical (EX) Employees

Vacation and Sick Leave Benefit Program

All Represented Staff

  • Biweekly Paid Employees
    • Collective Bargaining (including CX-Clerical and Allied Services; SX-Service; EX-Patient Care Technical; NX-Registered Nurses; TX-Technical Unit; RX-Research Support Professionals; and RX-Residual Health Care Professionals)