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Human Resources

Human Resources

HR Bulletins 2013 Archive

UC Reaches Tentative Agreement with Health Care, Research and Technical Employees (pdf) December 16, 2013
Pay Day Moved to January 2, 2014 (pdf) December 4, 2013
Special Preparations in Place for November 20 (pdf) November 19, 2013
CNA and UPTE will NOT Strike with AFSCME; Information about Union Fines during an AFSCME Strike (pdf) November 18, 2013
University Reaches Tentative Agreement with CNA Nurses will not Strike on November 20 (pdf) November 18, 2013
Important Information for UC Employees about an AFSCME Strike (pdf) November 12, 2013
Attendance on November 20, 2013 (pdf) November 12, 2013
Statement on Announced Strike by AFSCME Patient Care and Service Workers at UC (pdf) November 12, 2013
November 11th Begins Weeklong Activities Honoring Veterans on Both Campuses (pdf) November 5, 2013
UC, UPTE Agree to Make Reaching Settlements Their Top Priority (pdf) November 1, 2013
Presentations/Help Desk are Available for 2014 Open Enrollment (pdf) October 28, 2013
Open Enrollment Benefits Townhalls Begin Today Tuesday, October 22 (pdf) October 22, 2013
CEMRP 2 Payout (pdf) October 17, 2013
Bargaining Update 10: UC, Nurses' Union discuss Retirement Benefits (pdf) October 8, 2013
July Pay Increase Effective Date Adjusted (pdf) September 26, 2013
AFSCME Continues to Object to Pension Reform; UC Implements Latest Bargaining Proposal for Service Unit (pdf) September 25, 2013
Managers, Supervisors and PCT Bargaining Unit Employees (pdf) September 23, 2013
Minimal Staffing in Human Resources Monday, September 9, 2013 (pdf) September 5, 2013
SX Fact Finding Report (pdf) September 3, 2013
UC and UPTE HX Still at Impasse, Neutral Fact-Finder to Assist Parties in September (pdf) August 30, 2013
RX/TX Bargaining Update 11: UC Requests Full Contract Proposal from Union for Research and Technical Employees (pdf) August 15, 2013 
Bargaining Update 8: UC stresses fair compensation and reasonable pension reform (pdf)  August 15, 2013 
Bargaining Update 7: UC, Nurse's Union Discuss Benefits, Workplace Safety (pdf) August 15, 2013 
Patient Care Technical Unit Employees Receiving July and October Wage Increases and Benefits Update (pdf) August 8, 2013
Courtesy Notice for Faculty and Staff Regarding Annual Systemwide Payroll Disclosure (pdf) August 2, 2013
UC and AFSCME-Patient Care Technical Bargaining Remains at Impasse over Pension Reform; UC Implements its Last Proposal, Including a Wage Increase of up to 3.5% (pdf) July 24, 2013
July Wage Increases for Non-Represented Staff, Management, and Some Bargaining Units (pdf) July 19, 2013
UC Seeks to Restart Contract Negotiations for Research, Technical Staff (pdf) July 16, 2013
Bargaining Update 16: UC meets with AFSCME regarding new contract for Patient Care Technical employees (pdf) July 15, 2013
Administrative Guidelines for 2013-14 Non-Represented Staff Salary Program (pdf) June 21, 2013
Enhancements to Our Annual Performance Evaluation for PPSM Covered Employees (pdf) June 12, 2013
Bargaining Update #9 (pdf) June 12, 2013
Bargaining Update #4: Negotiations Continue on New Contract for UC Nurses (pdf) June 3, 2013
UC Bargaining Update #4: CNA (pdf) May 22, 2013
Court Grants Temporary Restsraining Order Requiring Certain Employee Classifications to Report to Work; As a Reminder, All Employees are all Allowed to Come to Work on May 21 and 22 (pdf) May 20, 2013
State Labor Board Seeks Injunction Regarding Union Strikes at UC Medical Centers (pdf) May 17, 2013
Special Preparations in Place for May 21 and 22 (pdf) May 16, 2013
Unauthorized Absence May 20-23 (pdf) May 14, 2013
AFSCME plans two-day strike on May 21 and 22 at UC Medical Centers; UC to Seek restraining Order (pdf) May 10, 2013
Bargaining Update #7: RX/TX Contract Negotiations (pdf) May 9, 2013
Bargaining Update #3: UC, Nurses' Union Continue Contract Negotiations (pdf) May 9, 2013
Applications Being Accepted for School at Work (SAW) Program Through May 24, 2013 (pdf) April 30, 2013
State Grants UC's Petition for Impasse Declaration in UPTE Negotiations (pdf) April 25, 2013
Update on UC and AFSCME-Patient Care Technical Bargaining: and Union's Plans for a Strike Authorization Vote (pdf) April 25, 2013
Bargaining update #2: UC presents competitive retirement benefits proposal (pdf) April 23, 2013
UC to Seek Impasse in Health Care Professionals Contract Negotiations with UPTE (pdf) April 17, 2013
UC's Proposal to Patient Care Technical Employees (pdf) April 15, 2013
Bargaining Update #6: RX/TX contract negotiations (pdf) April 15, 2013
UC's Financial Education Classes (pdf) April 11, 2013
UC, CNA Begin Negotiations for New Contract this Month (pdf) April 2, 2013
AFSCME (PCT) Bargaining Update #14 (March 27, 2013) (pdf) March 28, 2013
Improvements to Annual Staff Performance Evaluations Coming this Summer (pdf) March 27, 2013
Mind Body Wellness Challenge Kick-Off Event (pdf) March 19, 2013
UC Presents Pension Alternatives for New Employees in UPTE HX Negotiations (pdf) March 14, 2013
UC, AFSCME SX Bargaining Update #5 (pdf) March 6, 2013
Bargaining update #3: UC UPTE Continue Contract Negotiations (pdf) February 28, 2013
UCRP Service Credit Buyback May Enable Some to Retain Retiree Health Eligibility (pdf) February 27, 2013
Represented Nurses Receive 4% Range Adjustment (pdf) February 22, 2013
Formal Review/Employee Comment Regarding Proposed Staff Policy 84 - Accommodations for Nursing Mothers (pdf) February 5, 2013
UC, UPTE in Negotiations For New Contract For Research, Technical Staff (pdf) January 31, 2013
Frequently Asked Questions Non-Scrub Uniforms (pdf) January 30, 2013
MOSC and Non-Scrub Staff Uniforms Issued by Employee Apparel Program (pdf) January 30,2013
Bargaining Update: UPTE Health Care Professionals Unit (HX) (pdf) January 25, 2013
RX/TX Bargaining Unit Employees Will Receive Merit Increases Effective 1/1/13 (pdf)
January 9, 2013
WorkLife Balance Wellness Fair on January 8th for Employees and Students (pdf)
January 2, 2013