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Human Resources

Human Resources

Required state and federal posters

Department heads are responsible for posting the notices listed below in a place where employees can see them in the normal course of business.

In buildings that house more than one department, a single posting on the ground floor near an entrance, exit, or break room is sufficient, except that the building evacuation signs must be posted as described below.

The notices may be posted in a single stack on a clipboard which may be taken down and read, if the top sheet is marked "Employee Notices Regarding Federal and State Laws."


 Poster  Comments 
Building Evacuation Sign (pdf) Post if building is over one story high
California OSHA Log (End of Calendar Year)

Posted at Environmental Health & Safety Only
Employee Polygraph Protection Act (WH 1462, 6/03) (pdf)
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC-P/E-1,11/09) (pdf)

Family and Medical Leave Act (WHD 1420, 1/09) (pdf)


Family Care (DFEH 100-21, 1/11) (pdf)  
Federal Minimum Wage (WHD 1088, 7/09) (pdf)
California Minimum Wage (MW-2007) (pdf
Harassment or Discrimination in Employment (DFEH 162, 05/06) (pdf)

Mandatory Employment Notices/Poster
  • Department of Defense Fraud Hotline poster
  • Department of Homeland Security Fraud Hotline poster
Notice "A" Pregnancy Disability Leave (pdf)  
Notice "B" Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave (pdf)  
Pay Day Notice (2011) (pdf)

2011 Bi-weekly Payroll Calendar
2011 Monthly Payroll Calendar 

Personnel Policies for Staff Members  
Safety and Health Protection on the Job (Jan 2011) (pdf)
Safety and Health Protection on the job (Jan 2011 in Spanish) 
Time Off to Vote (pdf)
Posted for 10 days before each statewide election
Unemployment and Disability Insurance (DE 1857A, Rev. 39, 11-08) (pdf)

Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (October 2008) (pdf)

Whistleblower Protection Act (06/11) (pdf)
Workers' Compensation (DWC 7, 06/10) (pdf)