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Human Resources

Human Resources

CLAS Standard 8

The attainment of cultural competence depends on the organization's willingness to learn and adapt values clearly outlined in their guiding mission and strategic plan.

Standard 8's intent is to ensure the successful implementation of CLAS by targeting attention and resources on the diverse needs of the identified cultural populations.

Strategic Plan: A sound strategic plan tied to the organization's mission, operating principles and service focus, is integral to the development of organizational cultural competence. From this directive, specific CLAS related actions and goals need to be developed and implemented by the organization. The implication is "healthy respect" for diverse cultures by the organization.

Management Accountability: Accountability for CLAS activities resides in the organization's governing body and leadership. Designated personnel need to be given the authority to implement and monitor the CLAS specific activities throughout the organization.

JCAHO, under the leadership standards, requires a specific written plan and actions to achieve the plan. This plan should address the needs of the populations served. This CLAS Standard asks the organization to focus on the major populations served and their needs.