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Human Resources

Human Resources

CLAS Standard 2

Standard 2's vision is of a full racial, ethnic and cultural parity within the workforce. This vision should be incorporated into the organization's mission statement, strategic plan and within specific goals.

Standard 2's intent is to ensure an organization's commitment and good faith effort to secure a diverse staff representative of the demographics of the service area. Meeting this standard does not mean focusing on numerical goals, outcomes or quotas. The emphasis is on the organization's continuing efforts to design and implement strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse staff and continuing evaluation of these strategies and processes.

Diverse Leadership and Staff: A diverse leadership and staff are defined as a staff representative of the diverse demographic population of the service area. This includes the governing boards, leadership, clinicians, administrative personnel and subcontracted and affiliated personnel.

Staff diversity is a critical condition for providing culturally and linguistically appropriate health care, yet a diverse staff is not sufficient to assure cultural competence or sensitivity, or that staff can even connect with a specific patient or fellow employee.