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Human Resources

CLAS Standard 14

Standard 14's intent is to ensure the organization's efforts and accomplishments in meeting the CLAS Standard are communicated to the community and patients.

Public Information: Organizations are strongly suggested to provide the public with information regarding their progress in implementing the CLAS Standards. Within this context, the organization has considerable latitude in both defining the information to be provided to the public and the means by which they report it to the public.

  • For an organization wishing to provide more in-depth information to the community, there are several alternatives suggested:

    • the data collected about the populations and communities served in accordance with Standard 11
    • the self-assessment results gathered from Standard 9, if the self-assessment tool is valid; and
    • the overall description of the organizational changes related to the implenetation of the CLAS Standards.

  • In defining the means, information regarding the efforts toward CLAS can be provided in:

    • stand-alone reports
    • patient publications
    • newsletters targeted to the community
    • presentations at conferences
    • newspaper articles
    • television, radio and other media; and
    • postings on web sites

Two examples of reporting to the public are:

  • The "Diversity Report" regularly published by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Health Plan. This qualitative report describes the organization's goals and progress related to serving diverse populations.

  • Quarterly and annual reports are provided by a Behavioral Health Corporation to its state clients and the public. These reports are part of their peerformance requirements and include Diversity-Based and Standard's-Based Data and Information.

Core to the JCAHO Leadership Standards is a collaborative working relationship with input and the sharing of information with the community, the persons served and staff. This CLAS Standard suggests very specific communications regarding the progress of the organization in meeting the CLAS Standards.