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Human Resources

CLAS Standard 11

Standard 11's intent is to ensure an understanding of the community served and to accurately plan for and implement services which respond to the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the service areas.

Community Profile: A community profile needs to be established to develop a baseline for measuring an organization's progress of implementing the CLAS Standards and achieving the strategic plan's goals. Community profile data on the racial and ethnic groups should be updated regularly.

The community profile is most useful when it includes more than marketing, enrollment and termination figures, which may provide an incomplete portrait of the potential patient and consumer population. Data and information should be in depth and include: census figures, voter registration data, school enrollment profiles, county and state status reports and data from other organizations.

Needs Assessment: A quantitative and qualitative needs assessment should be completed to determine the cultural factors related to needs, attitudes, behaviors, health practices and concerns regarding health care services.

In accordance with Standard 12, the community should be involved in the design and implementation of both the community profile and needs assessment.

The following is an example of the impact of having a working knowledge of the populations you are serving and using this knowledge to address their needs by implementing the data and information collected in the community profile and needs assessment to develop the CLAS strategic plan.

A downtown New York hospital was having significant financial problems. As they defined the populations served, it was evident the vast majority of their patients were Chinese. With a CEO driven commitment to concentrate on and tailor services to the New York Chinese population, a community profile and needs assessment, which involved community leaders and consumers, were immediately completed. The hospital's approach was comprehensive and included all aspects of patient care, community outreach, education and marketing. The hospital is now financially solvent and so successful in delivering culturally competent care that Chinese clients travel from all over the Northeast to use its services.

Core to the JCAHO standards is data gathering for management decision making and assuring treatment is knowledge/evidence based. This CLAS Standard asks that specific population based data and information is available and used by staff in the planning of services and the treatment of patients.