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Class Standard 1

Standard 1 is the fundamental requirement on which all CLAS Standards and their actions are based making it the foundation for the other thirteen standards. It is also one of the three standards organized under the "culturally competent care" theme.

Standard 1's intent is to ensure that all patients receiving health care services experience culturally and linguistically competent encounters with an organization's staff.

Respectful Care: Care demonstrating consideration of the values, preferences and expressed needs of the patient (e.g., cultural health beliefs and practices and preferred language).

Understandable Care: Care involving communicating in the preferred language of the patient and ensuring they understand all clinical and administrative information.

Effective Care: Care resulting in positive outcomes for the patient, including satisfaction; appropriate preventive services, diagnosis and treatment; and improved health status.

Examples of culturally competent care include:

  • Providing an environment reflecting the diversity of the cultures served and in which the patients/consumers and staff can feel comfortable discussing their cultural health beliefs and practices in the context of negotiating treatment options or work issues.

  • Encouraging patients/consumers and staff to express their spiritual beliefs and cultural practices.

  • Being familiar with and respectful of various traditional healing practices, systems and beliefs and, when appropriate to the patient, integrating these approaches into treatment plans.

  • When patients/consumers or staff need additional assistance, involving an advocate, case manager, ombudsperson or EAP with expertise in cross cultural issues.

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