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Human Resources

TB surveillance

TB exposure

Report new cases to Infection Control department (916) 734-3376.When Infection Control Identifies a case
With a positive AFB culture they will inform Employee Health Services. Any department where exposures occurred before the patient was placed into isolation will be tracked. A letter will be sent to the manager of the department to identify employees who were exposed to that patient. Employee Health will send a notification letter for initial testing and in again three months for a post exposure to all identified employees. For more details related to TB see Tuberculosis Screening for UC Davis Health System Employees.

TB testing

TB (PPD) testing and or quantiferon is required for all new UC Davis Health System employees (policy # 2164 –V-A #2). Annual testing is required for employees with patient contact, use elevators with patients or go to the cafeteria. For persons who test positive, a baseline chest x-ray will be required along with a yearly symptom interview and a quantiferon blood test. Chest x-rays are not routinely done, but will be ordered by employee health only if symptoms have changed.

Each employee will receive an email notice yearly as a courtesy, reminding them to complete their annual testing. There is a grace period of 10 days after the 90 day notice to have the test completed, otherwise you will be requested to be at risk, being taken off work by your manager until the test is completed (also stated in policy # 2164).

Managers are notified of employees who are 30, 60 or 90 days late for testing. Employees will not be removed from the list until the test is completed. This alerts managers to have the employee complete their  PPD when they return. The managers will receive a monthly list of all employees who are outstanding for non-compliance.

Monthly email notices for TB are specific for those who require a PPD, or quantiferon or a symptom interview. For those who are positive a TB symptom interview can be done on line via the EHS website.

All data will be placed into the employee health database within the same day of receiving

INH is offered to all converters when it is determined industrial by an ehs provider. An appointment will be set up with an EHS provider to discuss the risks and benefits. The new American Thoracic Society recommendation is 9 months of INH treatment. See fact sheet about Bacillus of Calmette and Guerin (BCG).