Scabies is an intensely pruritic (itchy) rash caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabies. The mite is passed person-to-person by direct skin-to-skin contact. It may also be transferred by contact with newly contaminated bedclothes or garments.


Include itching, rash, and burrows in the skin.


Treatment is provided by Employee Health Services for employees who have been infected with the scabies mite at work. Treatment for individuals who have been exposed to patients with scabies but who do not have the infection is not effective in preventing transmission and is thus not indicated. Employees who have not been infected by a known exposure at work need to be treated by his/her personal physician.

Work status

The employee may work right after the initial treatment. Once the employee has been treated, it is not necessary to be cleared to work by employee health. If the employee comes to work with an itchy rash that might be scabies or another infection, the employee must be cleared by employee health before working. If employee health is closed. the employee is to be sent home, and his/her personal physician may evaluate the employee and clear him/her to work. Once the employee has been treated, it is not necessary to return to employee health to be cleared to return to work.