Head Lice/Body Lice/Pubic Lice


Lice infestation of the head and other hair containing body areas. Occasionally puritic, non-painful. Discovery of adult lice or eggs (nits) is the usual manifestation of this infection.

Mode of transmission

Close person to person contact or contact with recently worn clothing or bedding.


7 to 14 days after exposure is when adult lice appear.


No prophylaxis is recommended. Infestation must be present to warrant treatment.


Permethrin 5% shampoo/lotion lather, let stand for 10 minutes then rinse. Repeat in 1 to 10 days to kill newly hatched lice. Exposed clothing and bedding should be washed in hot water and bleach, if possible. Alternatively, clothing can be placed in a plastic bag for 1 to 2 weeks then removed and washed as usual.

Return to work

May return to work after the initial treatment and as long as all nits have been removed from the hair. It is sometimes necessary to cut long hair short to facilitate the removal of nits.