Organizational Analysis

  • If your department is re-organizing and your employees are receiving new job assignments, the Compensation unit can help with this process.
  • We can help you examine current organizational structures, recommend changes which will meet the department's needs while considering the impact on individual employees, help develop position descriptions that define and describe new roles for employees, and ensure all positions are appropriately classified.
  • We will help ensure that employee and labor relations issues are considered and handled, and that necessary administrative procedures are followed.

Principles for Reorganizations which may Involve Reclassification

Managers have the authority to assign and reassign work, and the responsibility to do so in a manner that adheres to the following principles.

  • Be prepared to articulate an objective rationale for reorganization decisions, including:

    • The business needs of the organization.
    • The skills, abilities and knowledge needed to meet those needs.
    • The qualifications of employees who are eligible for reassignment.
    • The potential impact of work reassignments on all employees who may be affected.
  • Consult appropriately before making your decision. Such consultations might include:

    • Applicable policies and contracts
    • Dean or Vice Chancellor
    • Human Resources
  • Communicate with employees about organizational changes before, during, and after the decision-making process, as appropriate. Make the process understandable to the people who may be affected by the change.

    • Solicit interest from the appropriate group of employees.
    • Announce decisions to this group.
    • Departments may develop detailed procedures in accordance with these principles.