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Human Resources


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Academic and Staff Assistance Program



The Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) offers confidential, cost-free assessment, counseling, consultation and referral services to all UC Davis/UC Davis Health System faculty, staff and families. Whether the problem is work-related or personal; administrative or individual; career or relationship focused; ASAP can assist you in recognizing and resolving the problem.



ASAP Vision

Our mission is to provide high quality confidential counseling services for all levels of the UC Davis Health System staff in a safe and supportive environment using highly skilled clinicians.

  • We are sought out by individuals and the organization because our responses are supportive and understanding as well as realistic and resourceful.
  •  We are leaders in supporting staff and the health system organization by developing new and creative responses to the continuing challenges and demands in this era of change and uncertainty. 
  •  We are a strong team. We support one another in individual as well as team endeavors. We respect and build on the unique skills and contributions of ASAP staff: clinicians, support staff, and clinical interns.
  •  We use new technologies, whether clinical, organizational, or technical, to creatively offer staff meaningful resources and support.

Getting An Appointment

For assistance or more information call ASAP at (916) 734-2727. After regular work hours, please leave a message.

ASAP is located in Ticon III, room 2100, 2730 Stockton Blvd., two blocks south of the main hospital. An ASAP counselor can arrange to meet with you elsewhere if you cannot come to our office.


ASAP services are confidential. No information about your participation is released without your written consent, in accordance with California law. No information from ASAP appears in any departmental, central or personnel file. Your need for privacy is respected. If you wish, you may be seen without using your name.

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