Office of Graduate Medical Education

Residents also have several other wellness resources available to them in addition to the GME counselor. These services includes:


Medical Insurance:

Residents and fellows have medical insurance through Western Health Advantage (WHA). To access coverage and get information about providers call (916) 563-2250 or (888) 563-2250 or at

Behavioral Health Insurance:

Residents and Fellows have behavioral health insurance through Magellan Behavioral Health. To access coverage and get information about resources and providers call - 800-424-1778 or at


General information about insurance coverage can be found at: Health Insurance link / Resident Medical Staff Benefits (HR Link)


In addition, residents and fellows can contact the Academic and Staff Assistance (ASAP) program as another recourse for short-term counseling or crisis management at (916)734-2727 or


Fitness Facilities:

Residents and fellows can join the gym facilities located on Stockton Blvd., as well as access the new resident only fitness facility in the basement of the new pavillion. 

New exercise, lounge and computer rooms for the residents and fellows are now open. These rooms are located in the basement of the Pavilion in corridor 0P 540. At this time, the only way to reach the area is by using the elevator next to the Felix Batistella Meditation Room. These elevators are card key access only.

  • The exercise room (0P 541) is a full use facility with all new equipment and houses two flat screen televisions. Use of this room is available 24/7 and there is no fee. At this time, use of this facility is restricted to residents and fellows only. There are lockers for use in this room as well.
  • The lounge is adjacent to the exercise room (0P548). The room includes a flat screen television, a DVD/VCR player and several over-sized chairs and sofas.
  • The computer room (0P 546) is next to the lounge. There are four computers networked to one printer. GME will supply paper for use.


Spiritual Services:

Residents and fellows can contact the UC Davis pastoral services for both their personal need as well as for help with patient issues and concerns.


Office of Mistreatment:

Mistreatment Hotline:
Call: (916) 734-2362