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Office of Graduate Medical Education

Office of Graduate Medical Education

Residency Advice

Dr. Faith Fitzgerald, Professor and Assistant Dean-Office of Medical Education, has put together an entertaining and informative presentation giving advice to medical students anticipating residency. Click below to view the PowerPoint presentation.

A Guide to the Perplexed - Residency Advice 

Sleep Deprivation Training

The following presentation by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine gives information about the causes and consequences of sleep loss and fatigue, and management strategies for maintaining alertness.

Sleep Deprivation Powerpoint Presentation

Stress Management

Please review the following presentation from the GME Counselor for information that might be helpful to increase awareness of stress and helpful tips for stress management.

Stress Management Presentation

Information about Substance Use and Abuse

If you would like information about substance use and abuse in physicians, specifically residents, as well as resources for getting assistance for yourself or a colleague, please review this presentation.

Substance Use Presentation