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Network of Family Medicine Residency Programs

Network of Family Medicine Residency Programs

Travis Program Curriculum

The Model Experience

The Family Practice Clinic (FPC) is the "model unit" for the residents and the primary setting for training. The clinic functions as a "laboratory" in which residents develop the cognitive, procedural and interpersonal skills to deal effectively with families and their medical needs. The Primary Care Element (PCE) and Primary Care Optimization (PCO) team are the smallest units in which the laboratory functions. As each resident proceeds through training, relatively more time is spent in the clinic, with greater PCO team responsibilities, larger panels of patients are assigned and greater efforts toward clinic efficiency are developed. The following guidelines are used:

Resident Year Half Days/Wk Patients/Resident
PG-1 1 125 (approx. 35 families)
PG-2 2 250 (approx. 80 families)
PG-3 3-5 470 (approx. 150 families)

Clinical Rotations

The three years of training are structured around a core of required rotations as follows:

PG-1 YEAR (4-week Blocks) x13

  • Internal Medicine(Including ICU): 3-5 blocks
    1-2 of the blocks will be at Contra Costa County Medical Center
  • ICU - 1-2 months
  • Obstetrics: l block
  • Gynecology: 1 block
  • Emergency Med.: l block
  • Surgery: l block
  • Pediatrics (Wellness): 1 block
  • *Pediatrics (ward at UC-Davis): 1 block
  • Family Medicine (inpatient): 1-2 blocks
  • Family Medicine (outpatient): 1-2 blocks

PG-2 YEAR (4-week Blocks) x13

  • Internal Med.: 1-2 blocks
  • Orthopedics: l block
  • *Obstetrics/Gynecology(at Santa Clara County Medical Center): 2 blocks
  • Pediatrics (clinic): l block
  • Pediatrics (nursery in Martinez): l block
  • Behavior Med.: l block
  • Surgery (Martinez VA Hospital): 1 block
  • Family Med.(outpatient): l-2 blocks
  • Family Med.(inpatient): 1-2 blocks
  • Elective: 1/2-1 block

PG-3 YEAR (4-Week Blocks) x13

  • Family Med. (inpatient): 1-1 1/2 blocks
  • Family Med. (outpatient): l block
  • Primary Care Element: 1 block-intermixed throughout
  • Ophthalmology: 1/2-1 block
  • ENT: 1/2-1 block
  • Urology: 1/2-1 block
  • Cardiology: l block
  • Dermatology: l block
  • Gerontology (Yountville Veteran’s Homes): Continuous
  • Clinic Manager: 1-1 1/2 blocks
  • Community Med.: 1/2 block
  • Flight Medicine/Hyperbaric Medicine: 1 block
  • *Electives: 2 1/2 blocks
* Denotes Away rotations. 1 is allowed in the PG-1 year, 2 each in the PG-2 and PG-3 years, separated by a one month block