We recognize our family practice residents as adult learners who will achieve clinical competence through an evidence-based competency-directed experience. We are committed to providing appropriate clinical experience and effective supervision and teaching to achieve the highest level of competency. Our goal is graduate family physicians who are highly qualified to practice in rural and suburban areas and to provide care to the medically underserved in our community.

Community Outreach: A major component of our mission is to provide care for the underserved in Northern California. This is accomplished by the ongoing work of our residents, faculty, and graduates. We recruit medical students who have shown a prior commitment to working with the underserved and then provide them with further exposure to these activities once they join us. Our continuity clinic at Mercy Family Health Center and our in-patient services at Mercy Medical Center serve predominately Medi-Cal and Medicare patients. Our residents also do rotations at Mercy Maternity Clinic (low-income and high-risk pregnant patients) and Shasta Community Health Center (our local federally qualified community health center). In addition, we have a required rural rotation when residents work with rural community physicians in one of several locations. The full-time faculty have been involved with many community outreach programs focused on the underserved. These activities have included medical directorship of a rural health clinic, medical directorship of Golden Umbrella (senior outreach), HIV care at our local community clinic, volunteer work at the homeless clinic, and collaboration with the Northern Sierra Rural Health Network on several rural technology projects. Many of our residents have chosen to practice in California areas of unmet need following graduation.