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Department of Family and Community Medicine

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Program Goals and Philosophy

The mission of the UC Davis Family Medicine Residency Program is to train excellent family physicians. Our definition of "excellent" goes beyond the task of training family physicians who have strong medical management skills and knowledge. We also value in our residents such characteristics as having a social consciousness, compassion and empathy for all people, and high ethical standards. We encourage our residents to actively promote the health of each patient, to initiate an appropriate preventive medicine plan, and to be able to recognize the patient's psychosocial needs and provide appropriate assistance. By combining all of these factors, we believe we have assisted in the education of a truly outstanding family physician.

We have no bias as to the type of practice arrangement our graduates choose, but we are sensitive to physician responsibilities in access to care for all people. In response to this, our program takes pride in the diversity of our residents, faculty and staff. Our program has a special strength in behavioral medicine training as it pertains to family medicine. Also, we have increased our focus on obstetrics because of the high need for this in Northern California and because of its integral role in the provision of family health care.

Finally, the program maintains a very flexible curriculum by allowing 14 weeks of elective time, permitting residents to shape their training to match future practice needs.