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Department of Family and Community Medicine

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Dear Future Family Physician:

Welcome to the UC Davis Department of Family and Community Medicine (FCM). As the residency director, I am proud to introduce you to our program. I hope that you will explore our website and learn about the fantastic training opportunities here at UC Davis and the faculty and resources available to members of the UC Davis team.

The mission of our residency program is to train highly qualified physicians with the demonstrated skills and competencies to provide comprehensive, culturally appropriate primary care to diverse populations.  We have developed a program that offers residents an opportunity to explore their areas of interest in family medicine while completing a learning experience that can best be described as cutting edge, unique, comprehensive, and dynamic.

CUTTING EDGE: Residents are part of a Resident-Centered Educational Home, which emphasizes the parallel concepts of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care: Continuity, Collaboration, Comprehensive care, Coordination, and Cutting edge technology. The main training ground for residents is the Family Practice Center, a state of the art clinic that includes 25 exam rooms with direct electronic medical record access, special procedures room, laboratory, patient education center and resident work room.  We believe that by helping our residents learn to practice in place that emphasizes the PCMH, we are fostering the development of highly skilled physicians and future leaders within the field of family medicine.  Our curriculum also incorporates cutting-edge technologies, such as electronic patient simulators that allow physicians and learners to hone their skills in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), practice new procedures and respond to real-life patient scenarios through training in the Center for Virtual Care

UNIQUE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: Our program's uniqueness is a product of nearly 40 years of experience training family physicians.

• Combined Programs: Our combined training programs offer a unique experience for family physicians who seek special skills. Our Family Medicine-Psychiatry program provides dual board certification and special skills for uniting mind-body medicine over 5 years of training. Our Family Medicine-Obstetrics program is a 4 year program. Residents receive high volume OB, cesarean section training, and high risk pregnancy experience. We also offer a Sports Medicine track for residents who want to prepare for fellowship or have concentrated sports experience. We recently began a Family Medicine Community Leadership track which is designed to promote long-term careers in community-based medicine and physician leadership.  Our program also has academic fellowships or sports fellowships available after completion of residency.

• Caring for Diverse Populations:  Sacramento is one of the most diverse cities in the US and our clinic patient population reflects that. Our department and the University are committed to providing culturally competent and sensitive care, and we structure our program to allow residents to engage with the community through a variety of activities. We believe that this commitment helps to train better physicians.

• Health Policy and Advocacy:  The resident-led Health Policy & Advocacy group was formed to promote population health care outside of the clinic setting through such activities as networking, community outreach and supporting policy level changes.  The group has coordinated meetings with numerous government officials as well as local policy groups, such as the California Academy of Family Physicians, and has provided testimony to the California Senate Health Committee.

COMPREHENSIVE CLINICAL TRAINING: Our program has created one of the most comprehensive experiences available to family medicine residents. Our residents get extensive procedural training. They provide care in a wide range of venues including our own hospital and a smaller facility. We have special outpatient teaching clinics that our faculty focus on teaching one on one with residents. Our residents see their continuity patients in the UC Davis Family Practice Clinic. We're proud to have one of the busiest and most successful clinics in the UC Davis Health System.

DYNAMIC EXPERIENCES: Finally, I believe that we have a wonderfully dynamic training experience. Our faculty members are committed to excellence and to providing mentoring the next generation of family physicians. We care about all of our “residency family.”  Faculty and residents work collaboratively in the pursuit of program excellence, and resident feedback is incorporated into curriculum design for continuous program improvement.  Our graduates have gone on to positions of leadership and service throughout Northern California and the United States. 

Please review our website for more information on our curriculum, faculty, residents and alumni.   Our residency team welcomes your questions and feedback.


Thomas A. Balsbaugh, M.D.
Residency Director