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Faculty Development

Faculty Development


Summer 2015
Published by the Faculty Development Program


  • Diversity: The Next Era - Setting the course to attain inclusive excellence
  • Office Visit: Volunteer Robert Blanco teaches fellows techniques in interpersonal psychiatry
  • Faculty Rounds: A welcome to new faculty colleagues
  • View Point:  Our next strategic plan will embrace inclusion excellence
    by Julie A. Freischlag, Vice Chancellor and Dean

Diversity: The Next Era

Setting the course to attain inclusive excellence

David A. Acosta and Adrienne Lawson-Thompson are setting the table — not for a meal, but for the sustenance of the UC Davis Health System. They are exploring potential strategies to help move the health system toward achieving inclusive excellence.

Acosta, the health system’s associate vice chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion, uses the table metaphor to illustrate interpersonal interaction scenarios.

“Becoming an inclusive learning and workplace environment is not an easy task. When we interact with each other, we are frequently challenged by the personal cultural norms and workplace values that we each bring to the table. In addition, we all have multiple identities. Our cultural and workplace norms and values and our identities affect our perspectives of others, how we communicate, how we form relationships, and how we confront and negotiate. Understanding these concepts is central to becoming a more inclusive environment that promotes connectedness, a sense of belonging, validation and being valued,” Acosta said.

Engaging the communities we serve will also be an important step in discussing how we can improve our institutional culture and climate. That’s why Adrienne Lawson-Thompson was hired in the newly created position of director of Institutional Campus Climate and Community Engagement.

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Workshops and other activities

Organizational Culture and Leadership: Advanced Topics, Part 1 (ECLP/MCLP)
 10  Workshop: Enhanced Training for Faculty Search Committee Members
 11  Special Guest Lecture: Can I Have a Full Career and a Full Life? (WIMHS)
 11  Special Guest Lecture: Tips on Work-Life Integration and Achieving the Career of Your Dreams (WIMHS)
 15  Organizational Culture and Leadership: Advanced Topics, Part 2 (ECLP/MCLP)
 22  Putting Together Your Academic Packet (ECLP)

Event co-sponsors
  Early Career Leadership Program
MCLP:  Mid-Career Leadership Program
WIMHS:  Women in Medicine and Health Science 

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