Winter 2016-2017
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  • Hendry Ton Unveils Five-Year Plan - Associate dean for Faculty Development and Diversity has 'DRIVE'
  • Office Visit: Efrain Talamantes' passion for reducing health disparities is deeply personal
  • Faculty Rounds: A welcome to new faculty colleagues
  • View Point: Treat yourself to some TTB: it's about time
       by Julie A. Freischlag, Vice Chancellor and Dean

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Associate dean for Faculty Development & Diversity has ‘DRIVE’

The School of Medicine demonstrably reaffirmed commitment to faculty development with the appointment of Hendry Ton as associate dean for Faculty Development and Diversity. Ton embarks on his new role guided by his vision of diversity and faculty development intertwined, figuratively resembling the DNA double helix.

"The idea is that diversity and faculty development scaffold each other. If you focus only on one, achievement of excellence in that domain is hard to achieve, but if you focus on both simultaneously, achieving faculty excellence becomes much easier,” Ton explained. A professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences who first joined the UC Davis faculty in 2002, Ton has served in numerous roles, including director of education for the Center for Reducing Health Disparities, director Medical Student Education in psychiatry, and cofounder and medical director of the Transcultural Wellness Center.

Ton regards faculty development as more than a leadership development program, saying that it also encompasses community building and personal development. He has devised a five-year faculty development and diversity expansion plan he labels “Diversity DRIVE” (discovering, resilience, inclusion, academic vitality, and excellence), consisting of three main phases:

  1. Restorative justice circles: “I would like to involve faculty in talking circles through which to identify their needs in recruitment, retention, promotion, and the overall faculty experience,” Ton said. “Talking circles are powerful because not only can they identify the challenges that an organization experiences, but they also are a way through which to resolve conflicts and build community”
  2. Appreciative inquiry: “This is a process through which to identify the strengths of an organization, and build upon those strengths. We will ask people for their views about what it means to thrive at UC Davis, and what they believe are the values and practices that drive excellence.”
  3. Study, scale and synergize: “We’ll study these best practices and the elements that allow for these experiences to happen, and then scale it up.”

Colleen E. Clancy, associate vice chancellor for Academic Personnel for the schools of human health sciences, is enthusiastic about Ton’s deep understanding of organizational dynamics.

“Hendry will promote understanding of cultural difference, diversity of thought, and understanding of diversity as a means to help us solve complex problems and bring institutional excellence,” Clancy said. “He is an incredibly patient, open and accessible colleague who will facilitate change through collaboration and team building. I’m so excited to have him join us.”

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