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Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Education resources


UC Davis Interprofessional Scholars Program (ITSP) - The Interprofessional Teaching Scholars Program is a unique faculty development program for the School of Medicine and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis, with the mission of fostering a collaborative and innovative inter-professional learning community.

Educational Technology Resources

Office of Student Learning and Educational Resources (OSLER) - The Office of Student Learning and Educational Resources (OSLER) is a comprehensive academic support unit created to promote a culture of academic excellence at UC Davis School of Medicine.

Smartsite Training - SmartSite is the online course management and collaboration system at UC Davis. SmartSite is powered by Sakai, an open-source software collectively developed by a foundation whose members include more than 350 educational institutions. Together, they have created an extendable set of tools designed to bring students and instructors together for knowledge sharing, discussion, and collaboration. Developers from those institutions help Sakai's tools and features keep pace with changes in instructional technology.

Team-Based Learning Resources: