Standard Forms - Facilities Design and Construction

Standard forms, standards and specifications, as well as boiler plate documents used by the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction at UC Davis Medical Center are available for review by interested consultants and contractors.

Standard Forms - Facilities Planning

Commonly used forms for Departments at the UC Davis Medical Center to complete and submit to the Facilities Planning Department:

  • Facilities and Space Request (FSR) form:  FSR is for assistance with space planning and/or if there are specific facilities modifications proposed to address clinical, educational, research, or administrative needs. These requests may include furniture as a component of the need. These requests require the endorsement of an Associate Director or Department Chair.
  • Furniture Only Request (FOR) form: FOR is for assistance with furnishings and no other modifications are required. If only minor changes or reconfigurations are needed, the department manager can submit this form. If new workstations or major reconfigurations are required then the endorsement of an Associate Director or Department Chair is mandatory.