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Facilities Design and Construction

Facilities Design and Construction


Projects Out To Bid


Passage of SB876, which amended PCC§ 10502(a), authorizes the University of California system to advertise construction projects on university websites as an alternative to newspapers and trade journals. The UC Davis Health System (Medical Center) is no longer advertising in newspapers or trade journals. Notices for all construction projects going out to bid are only posted on this website.

Project Number

Project Title

9559000 Main Hospital Seismic Compliance - Childrens Surgery Replacement
9559400 Hospital Seismic Upgrade - University Tower First Floor
9559910 Main Hospital Seismic Compliance - 2nd Floor Hospitalists







Bid Summary (Informal Bids)

Project Number

Project Title

9577800 SITE UCDMC FD&C Relocate Medical Gas Facility
9578050 DT6 CARD Relocate Telemetry Monitor Location - #6802 & 6804
M030664 CCTR ADMIN Replace Third Floor Carpet/Wall Coverings/Chairs




Request for Statements of Qualifications

Projects Awarded

Please refer to our Projects Awarded (PDF) listing for past competitively bid projects that have been posted on the UC Davis Health System FD&C web site where the bid opening deadline has expired.