Project No. 9559230
Project Title: Main Hospital E2 and E3 Pulmonary and GI Remodel
Construction Estimate: $6,640,000
Project Manager: Craig Allen
Contracts Admin.: Leila Couceiro
Prebid Conference: Closed
Bid Opening:  Closed
Documents (PDF): Bid Summary
Project No. 9559020
Project Title: Hospital Seismic Upgrade - Elevator Upgrades
Construction Estimate: $1,600,000
Project Manager: James Davis
Contracts Admin.: Ms. Hans Ram
Prebid Conference: Closed
Bid Opening:   Closed
Documents (PDF): Bid Summary 
Project No.
9559350 (REBID)
Project Title: MH Rm G640 Med Air & Vacuum Pump Replacement
Construction Estimate: $1,300,000
Project Manager: Bob Tomlinson, PE
Contracts Manager: EF Avellaneda/Leila Couceiro
Prebid Conference: Closed
Bid Opening: 11:00 AM - Thursday, August 2, 2018
Documents (PDF):

Advertisement; Specs; Plans; Qualification Questionnare; Attendee List

Project No. 9559030
Project Title: Hospital Seismic Upgrade, Increment 2 - BP-01
Construction Estimate: $2,036,000
Project Manager: Jim Davis
Construction Manager: Aaron Parker - Kitchell
Contracts Admin.: Leila Couceiro
Prebid Conference: 10:00 AM - Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Bid Opening: 11:30 AM - Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Documents (PDF): Ad; Bid Book; Qualification Questionnaire; Specs; Plans
Reference Documents: East Wing (As-Built); HazMat Reports
ICRA Permits; ILSM
Increment 2 - Preliminary Phasing
Master Project Schedule