Here's what laser surgery patients said about their experience.

"I had Lasik surgery at the UC Davis Health System Eye Center and was absolutely delighted with the results. Before my surgery my vision was so poor I could barely see the eye chart, let alone read the letters. After my surgery I have 20/20 vision and it has changed my life – I am no longer dependent on glasses or contact lenses. My whole experience at UC Davis was wonderful and the staff and surgeons were very compassionate and caring. I highly recommend this service.”

D. Weeks
Healthcare Executive

“I had Lasik Surgery at the UC Davis Eye Center nearly ten years ago, after wearing eye glasses throughout my twenty’s and thirties. Dr. Mark Mannis performed my surgery and the procedure went just as he explained it would. There was no pain what so ever and my sight improved immediately! For several weeks following my surgery, when I awoke in the morning, my natural reaction was to reach for my glasses on the night stand next to my bed. Upon doing so, the realization that I no longer wore glasses would come over me and I would be filled with excitement and joy! My experience was amazing and I would do it again without reservation! The physicians and support staff at the UC Davis Eye Center are professional and caring. I highly recommend this service to others.”

Susan Rippetoe
Management Services Officer

"My eyesight started getting bad in college. It seems like it went from being fine, to my needing glasses even when sitting in the front row of a lecture hall. I tried contact lenses several times (unsuccessfully), and wore glasses for years. It was so frustrating to do outdoor activities - swimming, biking, snorkeling - having to deal with glasses. I finally decided to have LASIK surgery. Dr. Garcia was my surgeon, and he was absolutely wonderful!!  So thorough in his explanations, and wonderful follow-up to ensure that everything was healing well.  I will never forget the procedure - watching a light that was at first very blurry, all of a sudden become so clear. My recovery was very smooth, and my ability to see things clearly was life changing. I could swim without worrying where the side of the pool was, and snorkeling in Hawaii was incredible. I would highly recommend LASIK surgery at the UC Davis Eye Center."

Megan Moncada
Assistant Director
Clinical Operations

“I had the Laser surgery at UC Davis Health Eye Center after extensive research on the most experienced and trusted surgeons in the profession. I wanted to be certain that a doctor who would forever change my eyesight was not only an expert but also a teaching professor in a University hospital. Dr. Caspar was not only a remarkable surgeon; he also had a wonderful ‘tableside’ manner. He and his staff were skilled, pleasant, and performed a faultless procedure. Even the after-care was much better than I could have imagined. They still have time for my questions years later.”

Heather Brophy-Sellens, Professor
California State University Sacramento

"I had LASIK surgery at the UC Davis Eye Center about 8 years ago after wearing glasses for over 15 years. Glasses were always bothersome and I would often forget or misplace them. This was a big inconvenience for me and I was tired of squinting my eyes whenever I wanted to see objects sharply at a distance. This was especially a problem when I was driving to unfamiliar places and I couldn’t read the street signs. The team at the UC Davis Eye Center did an exceptional job and the results exceeded my expectations. They explained everything thoroughly and they made me feel at ease. The procedure was quick and painless. After the procedure, my visual acuity was 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other eye. Now I’m able to see clearly all the time without glasses and this has greatly improved my quality of life. I recommend LASIK surgery at the UC Davis Eye Center without hesitation."

Roberto Quant
Administrative Supervisor

"I had Lasik Surgery at the UC Davis Eye Center in 2000. I’ve worn glasses since the age of 7 and always thought I would need them for the rest of my life. My eyesight was very poor and without my glasses I wasn’t able to function or see anything within arms reach Once Dr. Mannis performed the surgery I was amazed at how well I could see. It was unbelievable; everything was crystal clear after the surgery. I felt as if I was in a dream! Since then, my thought of glasses has changed, I no longer despise them, and I now look forward to the fact that I’m able to wear stylish sunglasses and eye glasses for fun without needing a prescription or contact lenses with them. I’m forever grateful for Dr. Mannis and the staff at the UC Davis Eye Center. They showed a tremendous amount of care and support before and after my surgery."

Toya Savage
Medical Biller