Diversity and Inclusion Dialogue Series

The D&I Dialogue Series was developed by a subcommittee of UCDH Staff Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. Current dialogue subcommittee members are:

 Khoban Kochai, Co-chair

Shawn Habnot, Co-chair

Jacqueline Dyson

Art Hernandez

Adrienne Lawson

Mercedes Piedra

Mauricio Rodriguez

Octavio Romero

Annie Ngo Tat

 If you are interested in joining the D&I Dialogue Series Subcommittee, contact Khoban Kochai at kbkochai@ucdavis.edu

Diversity Inclusion

The D&I Dialogues are a series of conversations led by employee facilitators, or a panel of individuals with experience in the topic. The purpose of the series is to provide an opportunity for UC Davis Health employees and community to discuss critical topics concerning race, culture, gender, stereotypes, diversity, and multiculturalism in a safe, caring and professional environment. Through the series, we strive towards building relationships through increased understanding and trust; which helps to foster an inclusive workplace.

2017 Diversity and Inclusion Dialogue Series Schedule (PDF)

Flyer for December 12, 2017 (PDF): Celebrating Diverse Holiday Traditions

Flyer for November 15, 2017 (PDF): The Asian/Pacific Islander American Experience

Flyer for October 20, 2017 (PDF): Mental Health in the Muslim-American Community

Flyer for September 12, 2017 (PDF): Worker Attitudes Toward Mental Illness and Workplace Burden