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Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Interns

2015-2016 Dietetic Interns

Alison Bushnell

M.S., Agriculture-Food Science and Nutrition, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

B.S., Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution, University of California, Los Angeles


Chanel Filteau

B.S., Nutrition and Food Science, General Dietetics, California State University, Chico


Daniela Matza

B.S., Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Metropolitan State University of Denver

M.A., Chinese Studies, University of London School of Oriental and African Studies

B.A., Asian Studies/ Art History, Bard College


Nicole Reynolds

B.S., Nutrition, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


Rachael Veith

B.S., Nutrition, Oregon State University

B.S., Psychology/Business Administration, Portland State University


Charlotte Zhang

M.S., Nutritional Biology, University of California, Davis

B.A., Biology, Pomona College







2016-2017 Dietetic Interns

Olivia Fidler

B.S. Dietetics, Minor French (to be conferred 6/16)

Oregon State University


Lori Nguyen

Ph.D. Nutritional Biology (to be conferred 6/16)

University of California, Davis


B.S. Molecular Biology, Spanish Literature

University of California, San Diego


Olga Romanishin

B.S. Dietetics

California State University, Sacramento


Sarah Sutter

B.S. Clinical Nutrition

University of California, Davis


Jaime Tucker

B.S. Nutrition and Food Science

California State University, Chico


Daisuke Yoshida

M.S. Food Science and Human Nutrition (to be conferred 5/16)

Colorado State University, Fort Collins

B.S. Environmental Policy and Planning

B.A. International Relations

University of California, Davis