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Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Internship

Program Goals and Outcome Measures

Goal 1: The dietetic internship will prepare interns to be competent for practice as entry-level dietitians

  • Eighty percent of interns will pass the RD exam the first time 
  • Within twelve months of completion of the internship, 80% of graduates will secure employment in a dietetics-related field or be enrolled in an advanced degree program
  • During the first year of employment, at least 80% of graduates will be ranked by employers as satisfactory or greater in professional knowledge and skills
  • Ninety percent of employed graduates will rate themselves as prepared or well prepared for their first dietetics related position

Goal 2: The dietetic internship will recruit, retain, and graduate a highly motivated group of dietetic interns who enhance both the dietetics profession and the community

  • Ninety percent of individuals will complete the program within 18 months of admission
  • Twenty-five percent of graduates will apply skills as nutrition professionals in the Sacramento Valley area
  • Within one year of graduation, 80% of interns will have participated in professional development activities
  • Within a five-year period, at least 25% of UC Davis Medical Center Dietetic Internship graduates will become active members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Goal 3: The dietetic internship will provide mentoring opportunities to foster evidenced-based nutrition care that develops the interns' analytical skills

  • Dietetic interns will independently present and lead a journal club discussion and receive an average rating of "6" or better on the evaluation
  • Dietetic interns will select, research, and present a formal case study on a patient with a complex nutrition-related medical condition and receive an average rating of "6" or better on the evaluation
  • Ninety percent of internship graduates will demonstrate that they can successfully work through complex problems and ideas (e.g. can think critically) with a rating of satisfactory or better 
  • Ninety percent of employers will indicate that graduates can work through nutrition-related problems and ideas(e.g. can think critically) with a rating of satisfactory or better