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Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Internship

Learning Experiences

Throughout the clinical rotations, interns learn medical terminology, medical record review, data collection, patient assessment, implementation of the nutrition care plan, monitoring, follow–up, and discharge planning.  Interns will relate disease processes to nutrition care; learn how to present a patient, and how to interact with a multidisciplinary healthcare team.  The clinical rotations will allow the intern to gain experience managing patients with complex medical conditions to further develop their clinical skills.

During the food service management experiences, interns will learn applied food service management principles in patient food service, retail, and production and purchasing systems.  Interns learn the daily operations and participate in quality improvement activities, marketing, employee training, and department strategic planning. 

While in the ambulatory and community nutrition rotations, interns will learn and apply nutrition counseling and education skills for a variety of patient populations.  Interns can expect to provide nutrition counseling for basic diagnoses as well as complex medical conditions.