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Department of Dermatology

Department of Dermatology

UC Davis Teledermatology

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What is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology is the use of communication technology to connect patients with dermatologists to improve skin health. The technology allows the patient to be examined and even treated without making a trip to the UC Davis Department of Dermatology. Teledermatology is particularly useful for patients with mobility issues, or those living in remote areas.

Overview: At the UC Davis Department of Dermatology, we offer both live interactive teledermatology and store-and-forward teledermatology.

With Live interactive (LI) teledermatology the UC Davis dermatologist interacts and examine patients at distant medical offices or facilities  via videoconferencing equipment. LI teledermatology enables real-time and personal interaction between the dermatologist and the patient. In addition, if the primary care provider is present for the teledermatology appointment, the technology allows for discussion  between the primary care provider and the dermatologist. Currently, our dermatologists treat patients from 32 remote sites in California via LI teledermatology.

Store-and-forward (S&F) teledermatology is a computer-based interaction between primary care providers and dermatologists. The primary care providers acquire and transmit medical history and clinical images securely to a UC Davis dermatologist. The dermatologist reviews these cases after the information is transmitted and makes recommendations to primary care practitioners, who review and implement the recommendations.


Improved access: Provides patients and primary care physicians in medically underserved and remote communities with access to a team of UC Davis dermatologists.

Faster Evaluation: Patients with traditional in-person dermatology referrals often wait several weeks or months for  their skin problems to be evaluated by a dermatologist. Patients, physicians and other providers using teledermatology are generally evaluated and treated much sooner.

Familiarity: For common skin problems, UC Davis dermatologists provide their recommendations directly to a patient’s primary care physicians or other provider, who will then personally follow up with the patient.  This way, patients interact with someone already familiar with their health history and personal preferences.

Convenience: In most cases, patients benefit from the expert advice of a dermatologist without having to leave their community. Patients save time, stress and money by not having to travel to a dermatologist’s office for the initial evaluation.

Education: Teledermatology expands opportunities for distance learning for physicians and other providers.

Teledermatology provides the expertise of academic dermatologists in your own community!


Teledermatology Team:

Haines Ely, M.D., Associate Physician

Sean Bissing, Teledermatology Manager

UC Davis
Department of Dermatology
Phone: 916-734-7702/ Fax: 916-734-4833

Candace Sadorra, Telehealth Clinic Manager
Center for Health and Technology
UC Davis Health System
Phone: 916-734-1682