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Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC)


                                                                                              CAC meeting in October 2011

The CEDD Consumer Community Advisory Committee includes people with disabilities,
family members, and advocates and professionals from the community. 

Current Advisory Committee members include:

Catherine Blakemore, Disability Resources California
Sergio Castellanos, Parent
Lisa Cooley, Consumer
Dan Boomer, California Department of Education / Special Education, Consumer
Barbara Guerrero, Consumer
Joey Fletcher, Department of Developmental Services
Karen Leventhal, UCLA UCEDD
Veronica Lopez-Villasenor, Parent
Scott Lorigan, Consumer, Grandparent
Robin May, Alta California Regional Center
Catharine Mikitka, Supporting Early Education Delivery Systems (SEEDS), Parent
Bonnie Mintun, Supported Life Institute Communication Technology Education Center, Parent
Laurie Newton, Parent
Debi Pfeifer, Parent
Alvaro Rodriguez, Student, Consumer
Carol Risley, State Council on Developmental Disabilities
Debbie Sarmento, Family Resource Centers Network of California, Parent
Bari Schlesinger, State Department of Rehabilitation, Consumer
Rachel Stewart, California Health Incentives Improvement Project, Consumer
Patrice Yasuda, USC UCEDD