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Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities


Interdisciplinary Training and Leadership Development

Fellowship Program in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics

CEDD offers a three-year program of intensive specialty training in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics to Pediatrics fellows.

Interdisciplinary, Pre-Service Training in Developmental Disabilities

CEDD offers a one-year intensive specialty training program in serving individuals with developmental disabilities to graduate students in medicine, nursing, special education, psychology, and/or related fields.  Trainees receive instruction and practical experience in training/teaching, community service, research, and the translation of research into practical applications. Trainees increase their knowledge of developmental disabilities and exposure to medical, legal, social and policy issues related to disabilities.  Trainees have the option (required for medical trainees) of a four-month, one day a week, rotation at Triumph Preschool, a CEDD partner and model inclusive early childhood program.

Training in Autism Spectrum Disorders

CEDD offers a Special Studies Program (SSP) in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) through UC Davis Extension.  The intended audience is primarily educators, but the courses are available to any student in any department/school, individuals with developmental disabilities, family members, and others. Students who complete all five classes are eligible to receive a certificate in ASD studies.