REDCap is a useful tool for data collection for the following reasons: accessibility, security, ease of use (no programming experience required), quality control, flexibility, and autonomy.

Complete the online CTSC Application for Resource Use to request “Biomedical Informatics/Data Collection and Management” resources and check “Build Electronic Data Capture and Forms.”

Non-UCDHS users will need a sponsor to complete the UC Davis Temporary Affiliate Form to create a Kerberos ID needed for REDCap authentication.

Software set-up is managed by UC Davis, with encrypted and secure servers.

HIPAA protocols compliant 3-tiered access:

  • System login
  • Project access
  • User restrictions

Audit trails (logging feature)

De-identified data (Can identify variables as PHI and export module with de-identifying option)

There is no charge for basic level of support. Introductory training is provided for researchers to be able to build their own database – REDCap by researcher.

Charges incur if the Biomedical Informatics team develop the project from start to finish and when high rate of support is required.