The Mentored Clinical Research Training Program (MCRTP) provides a solid foundation for clinical / patient-oriented research for junior faculty, clinical and pre-clinical fellows, and post-doctoral scholars. The MCRTP centers around three core elements, didactic instruction, mentored research, and special experiences, leading to a Masters of Advanced Study (MAS) in Clinical Research.

The goal of the MCRTP is to prepare trainees for clinical/translational team-science research through a multi-layered, multi-disciplinary, didactic curriculum and mentored research experience.

The didactic instruction provides scholars a standardized set of skills critical to all types of clinical and translational research. The instruction includes a 7 week summer curriculum followed by a two year core curriculum and electives that can be tailored to best meet each scholar’s career development needs. The didactic curriculum is a combination of established and new courses explicitly designed for the MCRTP.
The mentored research experience is provided by senior faculty with strong track records of research funding and success. Mentors and scholars receive a special orientation and training to provide them with a consistent set of expectations for the mentored research experience.

The special experiences enhance the overall program by offering a highly engaging, interactive learning environment for scholars to network and set the groundwork for future collaborative, peer mentoring relationships, and research teams. The integrated workshops offer scholars more directed and advanced skills, and the topical seminars offer more focused exposure. The annual retreat is an opportunity for scholars to gather their experience and present their research to the External Advisory Board and the GCLR Graduate Group Members.

Junior faculty, advanced post-doctoral fellows, and senior clinical fellows are eligible to apply. Graduates from the MCRTP will be eligible for the UC Davis K12 Program.