The Clinical Research degree program follows M.A.S. Plan II. The degree program currently requires 40 units of graduate level courses. In addition, each candidate must complete a final capstone requirement consisting of both a written and oral presentation of the student’s mentored research project (see CRGG Degree Requirements document for details). No thesis is required.

Clinical Epidemiology and Study Design (CLH 202) 

Academic Year
Introduction to Clinical Research (CLH 200)
Methods in Clinical Research (CLH 203)
The Ethics of Research (CLH 204)
Team Science (CLH 207)
Introduction to Grant Writing I (CLH 208)
Introduction to Grant Writing II (CLH 209)
Critical Assessment of the Biomedical Literature (CLH 211) 
Introduction to Medical Statistics (CLH 244 / SPH 244)
Biostatistics for Biomedical Science (CLH 245 / SPH 245)
Biostatistics for Clinical Research (CLH 246 / SPH 246)
Mentored Research (CLH 299)
Elective Courses

See Course Descriptions for more information