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Clinical and Translational Science Center

Clinical and Translational Science Center

D I R E C T O R ’ S  M E S S A G E

Mentoring Academy nurtures next generation

Lars Berglund, M.D., Ph.D.
THE CONCEPT OF A mentoring academy emanated from a collaboration funded by the Clinical and Translational Science Awards, in which UC Davis participated as a test site. In that project, a pilot curriculum was developed, and a study group of CTSA mentors completed the mentoring education. Mentoring skill assessments were gathered from the trained CTSA mentors and their mentees, and from a control group of mentor-mentee pairs. Encouraged by the promising results of this pilot study, leaders seized the opportunity to develop a local program that would extend these benefits to the health system. Thus, the UC Davis Mentoring Academy was formed under the leadership of Judith Turgeon, Ph.D. The associate director of the CTSC Mentored Clinical Research Training Program, Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D., is on the steering committee of the Mentoring Academy, thereby providing a vital link between the CTSC and the Academy. 

Mentors and curriculum focus on developing essential skills to improve research, clinical teaching and leadership. The Academy offers five core modules, which include both didactic and case-based exchanges, as well as specialty workshops that provide more in-depth experiences on a variety of topics, including cultural competencies and methods to give effective feedback. The Mentoring Academy serves as a resource for mentors, helps coordinate oversight for the mentoring process, conducts training for mentors, develops goals and incentives for participants, and evaluates the effectiveness of the mentoring program.

I congratulate Dr. Turgeon and her team members for transforming the Mentoring Academy from plan to reality, and look forward to the growing cadre of faculty mentors who can serve the community to advance research and nurture the next generation of biomedical scientists.

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