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Clinical and Translational Science Center

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Nephrologist Lorien Dalrymple

INFECTIONS THAT COMMONLY AFFLICT DIALYSIS PATIENTS may also substantially increase their risk of cardiovascular problems, according to research conducted by nephrologist Lorien Dalrymple

Lorien Dalrymple, M.D., M.P.H.
. Funded with a K12 grant from the CTSC, Dalrymple is investigating the types, rates and risk factors for infection and the associated cardiovascular consequences of infection in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) on dialysis.
“I became interested in understanding the epidemiology and consequences of infections in patients with CKD because infection and cardiovascular disease are leading causes of hospitalizations and death in this population,” said Dalrymple, who attributes her research career trajectory to CTSC support.

“Numerous CTSC resources have been fundamental to my success as a researcher,” Dalrymple said. “CTSC offers career development awards, mentorship, grant-writing support, and opportunities to present research and obtain directed feedback from peers at a critically important time, early in career development.”

Dalrymple’s work has impressed Richard L. Kravitz, associate director of the K12 Training Program in the CTSC.
“Dr. Dalrymple is a terrific exemplar of a young, translational clinician-investigator. Her work on inflammation, infection and heart disease in patients with CKD addresses critical problems at the margins of nephrology, cardiology, infectious disease and implementation science,” said Kravitz, who is also co-vice chair of research, and professor in the Department of Internal Medicine. “She recently received a very good score from NIH for an extramurally supported K-award. We hope this award will propel her to further success.”