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Clinical and Translational Science Center

Clinical and Translational Science Center


New CTSC Concierge Service

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW more about how you might best benefit from CTSC resources before submitting a formal request? Do you want to follow up on a

request for services you’ve already submitted? Are you having difficulty finding the information you need about the CTSC for a grant proposal? If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, you are in luck!

The CTSC now has a Concierge Service to assist investigators and staff with navigating their way to appropriate resources. The CTSC Concierge Service is intended to serve as the primary contact for questions regarding CTSC services, programs, website and events. While Concierge duties will be shared among several staff members, the service lead for the Concierge Service is Christine Hotz, CTSC Program Development Officer.

The CTSC is excited to offer this new service to investigators and staff as a streamlined way to get help and advice.

Contact the CTSC Concierge Service to:

•      Arrange for a consultation about CTSC services
•      Check on the progress of requests for CTSC services
•      Get assistance with the process for the NIH Public Access Policy for publications
•      Schedule a presentation about CTSC services for your department or group
•      Locate forms, documents and information on the CTSC website
•      Provide questions and comments about CTSC services

There are three primary ways to access the CTSC Concierge Service: 1) Email the service desk directly at; 2) Ring the virtual Concierge bell by clicking the Concierge button on the CTSC home page; and 3) Phone the Concierge desk at 916-703-9128.