The CCRC is located in the Cypress Building (2221 Stockton Blvd, Suite D), adjacent to the UC Davis Medical Center. This 3,500 square foot clinic space has four infusion chairs, a procedure room, two phlebotomy stations, two examination rooms, two interview rooms and a room with a hospital bed. This clinic is designed to meet a variety of outpatient research needs. Additionally, there is a laboratory processing room with a centrifuge and -80° Celsius freezer, an exercise laboratory with a DXA machine, EKG stress treadmill and bike system, and a metabolic cart. Plenty of workspace is available for investigators and coordinators to use during their patients’ appointments.

Parking Map

Short Term parking (less than 2 ½ hours) is available near Cypress in Lot 1 and Lot 8 (see map). This lot is metered at $2/hr.

Additional short term and long term parking (greater than 2 ½ hours) is available at Parking Structure 3. This lot is $2/hr

The CCRC does not provide parking validation. Patients are responsible for parking costs. Questions regarding parking costs should be directed to the study research coordinator.