The UC Davis CTSC Clinical Research Center (CCRC) is a progressive, versatile, and highly integrated clinical research facility that provides clinical research expertise to biomedical investigators. Services are available at the CCRC or throughout the UC Davis Health System and local community, including the Davis Campus, community sites and participants’ homes. All levels of investigators, from residents and graduate students to faculty, are welcomed and encouraged to apply for research support by the CCRC.


The dedicated research clinic has infusion chairs, exam rooms, interview rooms, procedure rooms, an exercise room, a DEXA machine, and a lab for specimen processing and storage. The CCRC is staffed with highly experienced, licensed research staff including clinical research nurses, exercise physiologist, dietitian, and lab technologists to ensure patient safety, research integrity and compliance.

The CCRC ensures that flexible, carefully monitored clinical resources necessary for safe and compliant patient-oriented research are available to investigators conducting studies relevant to human health and disease. CCRC staff are available to support research activities throughout the UC Davis Health System, as well as communities within Sacramento and neighboring counties, including participants’ homes. The range of study support can be as simple as a single blood draw or as complex as an investigational, Phase I infusion with frequent serial pharmacokinetic blood sampling. If you have questions about the services and facilities available, please contact:

CCRC 916-703-5600