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Clinical and Translational Science Center

Clinical and Translational Science Center



Contact us for rates. You will need to include these fees in your budget prior to AFRU approval.


Budget Justification

For budget justification, we recommend using the following text: The CTSC Clinical Research Center (CCRC) is a highly specialized patient unit that provides medical scientists with opportunities for careful study of disease. These facilities are governed by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), a center of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the Clinical and Translational Science Award program. They provide 10 RNs who provide 24/7 care to subjects enrolled in clinical research studies, a nurse practitioner who provides expanded services to investigators (i.e., clinical procedures, exams), an exercise physiologist who has a variety of methods of measuring body composition, bone density, metabolic rate and exercise fit through the use of a BOD POD, DEXA machine, Metabolic Cart, and 12 Lead EKG Stress Treadmill system; a research dietitian who provides nutritional support to study protocols by providing nutritional analysis, designing specialized meal plans, providing nutritional counseling to subjects, and on-site food preparation and lap support.

For more information, please contact: Lisa A. Wilson