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Clinical and Translational Science Center

Clinical and Translational Science Center

Accessing Support Process

To access support from the CCRC

To access support from the CCRC

Once you have UCD and/or VA IRB approval, simply complete an online application for use of our resources under the Investigator Tab: 

Once the application has been approved a study "Start Up Meeting" is scheduled to review the protocol and investigator needs, write orders, and ensure all trainings to the protocol have occurred

Please consider the following:

1. VA IRB approval is required only for studies that are considered to be "VA Engaged" and meet one of the following criteria:

  • The investigator intends to specifically recruit Veterans
  • The investigator intends to conduct research activity during VA paid appointment time
  • The investigator intends to access CPRS (VA Medical Records)
  • The investigator intends to access VA ancillary services that are not included in the current VA-CTSC sharing agreement

2. We request, for administrative purposes, that all protocols using CCRC services or facilities, have in their title header "CCRC." For example, "CCRC: Steroid use in Female Athletes...."

3. We request that the Investigators include in their DOS and ICF that "some study visits may take place at the CCRC located at the VA Medical Center." If the protocol has already been approved, this is a simple modification to the IRB.

4. CCRC staff are available to assist with VA IRB submissions (if needed).

5. Please don't forget to acknowledge the CTSC on relevant publications: "This publication was supported by Grant Number UL1 TR000002 from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and NIH Roadmap for Medical Research."