Besides education, we offer various consultation and research services. Consultations are available to assist investigators in addressing ethical issues throughout the life of a research project. Assistance is also available to help design and conduct research projects that investigate ethical issues related to biomedical research.

Services We Offer

We offer courses in research ethics to students in various training programs. Lectures, discussions and seminars are available upon request. We also sponsor special educational events on ethics and translational science.

What is the Research Ethics Consultation Service?

This free service is available to researchers who seek advice regarding ethically complex aspects of their biomedical research. The service is available to assist investigators throughout the life of a research project, including

  • the initial design phase.
  • grant application preparation.
  • IRB application process regarding ethics- related questions and concerns.
  • study implementation.
  • data analysis.
  • manuscript preparation.
  • dissemination of findings.

The service is also available to investigators and their teams who may want to review past research projects that posed ethical challenges and how they responded to those challenges.