Translational Technologies, Methodologies, and Resources

  • Eliminates barriers to research among disciplines
  • Identifies new methods to foster collaborative research
  • Develops unique translational techniques

Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies

  • Fosters interdisciplinary research studies
  • Awards grants that promote scientific collaboration

Biomedical Informatics

  • Designs data capture and management tools to help investigators
  • Develops strategies to manage clinical and translational research data across the entire Clinical and Translational Science Award consortium

Design, Biostatistics, and Clinical Research Ethics

  • Helps investigators with study design and analysis, including ethical oversight and guidance

Clinical Trials Resource Group

  • Assists with research compliance and the regulatory responsibilities for conducting clinical and translational research, including FDA guidelines, IRB policies and procedures, contracts and grants, budgets and billing

CTSC Clinical Research Center

  • Provides enhanced clinical research facilities and patient-oriented resources, including nursing, nutrition, laboratory and physiological assessment components.

Community Engagement

  • Ensures that the community is an active participant in clinical research to help reduce health disparities.

Research Education, Training, and Career Development

  • Combines existing educational resources, such as the K30 program, into a dynamic educational curriculum for new investigators


  • Provides the infrastructure, personnel, and support required to undertake rigorous tracking and evaluation of all CTSC activities