The following forms and information must be completed to obtain EMR, Invision and LAN Access:

  1. eHR Access Request (PDF)
    The student must complete all fields. Incomplete information will not be processed. All information must be legible and include a contact email address. This e-mail address will be used to notify the student of eHR availability and access information.

    It can take two to three weeks to get access, be sure to submit your information as soon as possible so that your students have access. They cannot begin their clinical experience on the nursing unit until they have eHR access. Once completed, the eHR Access Request may be electronically sent, scanned, faxed (916) 703-9903 or hand delivered to CPPN. Please include Gary; Patricia and Gloria in any eHR access related e-mail correspondence: Each semester students who are known to be doing their clinical experience at UC Davis Medical Center should be submitted for EMR access. If a student will be attending during a future semester do not pre-enroll them.

    Please separate the New Account Student (New to UC Davis Medical Center) and Renewal (student with past UC Davis Medical Center EMR access) files when submitting to CPPN.
    • NEW STUDENT (first time request)
      • New student accounts must verify completion of HIPPA training on the Confidentiality Agreement.
    • RETURNING STUDENT (A returning student is one who has previously been granted EMR access for a previous semester)
      • Returning student accounts do not need to verify completion of HIPPA training on the Confidentiality Agreement as it has been documented previously.
      • Verification of Student Enrollment (located at the bottom of the confidentiality form) is signed by school representative. The signature verifies student enrollment, government-issued photo identification, and agreement to notify UC Davis Medical Center of termination/disenrollment.
  2. eHR Spreadsheet (Excel)
    An eHR spreadsheet will be submitted with the eHR Access Request. All student demographic information (listed under school column) must to be filled in by the nursing program. Once the eHR spreadsheet and eHR access requests are received at CPPN, the access requests will be processed and tracked.

Problems accessing EMR

Once the nursing program has submitted the confidentiality agreements and EMR spreadsheet for all students assigned to UC Davis Medical Center clinical, allow 2 to 3 weeks for the HIM team to process the request. An EMR password will be sent to the students via e-mail, and a copy of the password will be forwarded to the nursing school EMR coordinator. Invision passwords for nursing care plans are only sent to the school EMR coordinator and it is the schools responsibility to provide access codes to the student groups.

If a student has checked their e-mail, received a password, but has difficulty accessing the EMR environment, please contact call 734-4357 (4-HELP).

If a student has not received a password via e-mail and 2-3 weeks have passed since submission, please send an e-mail to Gloria Ayala Partida with a cc to Gary Yamamoto and Kathleen Guiney. Gloria will investigate the situation and let the school coordinator know the status of the request.